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Halton Police Collective Agreement

Halton Region believes in strong staff performance. We have a benefit system for non-unionized employees. We evaluate staff each year and recognized efforts will be duly compensated. Each collective agreement indicates when and in what percentage our union employees receive wage increases. Renewal contract: valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022. Ratified july 22, 2019. Signed July 22, 2019. sick leave: 15 weeks at full pay, for workers who suffer from a good faith illness or accident (non-compensable) of a worker employed for at least 3 months; 20 weeks after 5 years of service (600 or 800 hours per year for compressed working hours). Employees and their families sometimes need the services of our Confidential Assistance Program (AAP).

Civilian employees of HRPS have a normal retirement age of 65. The contribution rate for the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) of the service pension plan is 8.3% of the contributory salary of each worker and the board of directors to the maximum in the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). HRPS` Office of Human Resources also offers an employee assistance program that provides confidential counselling and support to service members and their families. Call salary: at least 4 hours of pay per hour and half regular. The full list of job opportunities with the RHPS is available in the Join Us section. The success of Halton Region depends on the quality of the staff we hire to serve our residents. Our goal is to attract people who are committed to providing excellent customer service to residents and businesses in the Halton area. HRPS members who serve three (3) years of service are entitled to three (3) weeks of paid leave per year. LTD: 66.66% of salary after 17 weeks of disability, up to USD 6,500 per month. Medical services: The employer makes available $225 per member per year (so far $175 per member per year) for active members in the health expense account. The Halton area is part of the Ontario Municipal Eligible Employees Retirement System (OMERS). By reducing their wages, employees contribute to their old age savings.

Being a member of OMERS gives you a great opportunity to plan for the future. Overtime: time and half for all work according to normal hours. Time can be spent in the bank with a maximum of 60 hours. The deadline must be used before November 30 or it is paid. When the worker retires in accordance with the conditions of OMERS, the worker has the full right to leave for the calendar year in which the worker retires, regardless of the date of retirement. Sampling rate (currently, after 5.8% increase): Civilian officers of the Halton Regional Police Service receive one (1) day off with a maximum monthly allowance of ten (10) days per year. First Class Recruitment: $58,294 which increases by 3 steps to $61,701 per year, all civilian staff of the Halton Regional Police Service are entitled to twelve (12) public holidays designated as indicated, plus one (1) additional pension day: All employees participate in the OMERS (Ontario Municipal Employees Employees). Position bonus: $1,000 per year for employees defined as first-class or higher-grade constabularies, assigned to districts 1, 2 or 3 in uniform capacity and assigned to 12-hour work (who regularly move from one position to another).