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Eu-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement Pdf

To find out more about exporting European food and beverages to Japan under our epa fiscal trade agreement? On 17 July 2018, the European Union and Japan signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the largest trade agreement ever negotiated by the EU and which will create an open trade zone for more than 600 million people. (Note: all tariff headings that are not explicitly mentioned in the EU and in Japanese flight plans are exempt from customs duties upon entry into force of the agreement) Annexes 2-B to E The EU-Japan EPA is expected to boost trade in goods and services and create many opportunities for EU SMEs: tariffs on more than 90% of Japanese imports from the EU will be eliminated as soon as the EPA enters into force. This will cover a wide range of sectors covering agriculture and food, industrial products (including textiles, clothing, etc.) as well as forestry and fisheries. In addition, non-tariff barriers to motor vehicles, medical devices and “quasi-drugs” should be significantly reduced. .