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Company Credit Card Agreement Sample

The purpose of this Company Credit Card Policy is to outline (a) authorization and authorization procedures, (b) indicate the terms of the corporate credit card, c) define restrictions and exceptions, and (d) explain card violations and disciplinary proceedings. In order to ensure that all your bases are covered, your company credit card policy should contain a statement of purposes, scope, section on terms of use, restrictions and exceptions and define the disciplinary procedure. Once an employee`s credit card application has been approved by the CFO and/or General Manager, they must sign and abide by a staff credit card agreement. In this agreement, the employee will sign that he acknowledges that the company`s credit card belongs to [the name of the company] and that management has the right to investigate the charges, with or without reason. The credit card agreement is issued and submitted by the Finance Department and the Human Resources (HR) Department. Sometimes we issue credit cards that can only be used for specific purposes (e.g.B. payment for gas). Some state payroll deduction laws require the company to certify receipt within a certain number of days of signing. This signature line is a way to prove receipt.

An employment law specialist can propose more appropriate alternatives for the company. A credit card directive is part of a company`s accounting principles. It clarifies the conditions for using a company card issued in the name of employees.