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Cijc Agreement 2020

“THE CYOC`s rates are already well below those of other construction contracts, and this wage freeze will exacerbate this unfair situation. Since then, unions have been trying to reach agreement on when wage negotiations should take place. “It seems that employers don`t understand how the agreement works for those who work in the industry.” This wage freeze calls into question the credibility of the CIJC agreement and its negotiating committee. This wage freeze was imposed by the representatives of the small professional associations, those who wanted to pay the least called the melody. Construction contractors are freezing workers` wages under the main agreement on wages in the sector. The Joint Council of the Construction Industry (ICJC) agreement, its remuneration and conditions, would normally have been reviewed at the end of June 2020. In April 2020, all parties agreed to postpone the opening of possible review talks due to the emergency situation of Covid 19 and the unprecedented impact this has had on employers, workers, industry and the UK as a whole. In our message below, originally published on June 15, 2020, the NAS indicated that a further evaluation of the labour rules agreement would be carried out by the ICJC in September. The ICJC, on which the SIN is located, has informed the unions that wage negotiations will not resume this year, while we await the true effects of coronavirus. Negotiations are expected to resume next year, and dated claims are highly unlikely.

“The credibility of the agreement is now at a historically low level, many customers simply ignore it because some rates are simply too low.” They do not seem to understand the reality or understand that the majority of the workers involved work on large sites, where they have largely made this agreement irrelevant. The Joint Council (JOINT Council) agreement for the construction industry sets minimum rates for more than 500,000 construction workers, mainly in the civil engineering sector. The CIJC agreement is a work agreement used in the construction industry, which establishes, among other things, the type of pension contributions paid to workers in their pension plans. The trade union party applied for wages in February 2020 for the Joint Council of the Construction Industry (ICJC), the largest national construction contract, which focuses on civil engineering and biblical crafts.