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What Is Tripartite Agreement With Cidco

Below my question: 1) The owner told me the surface as 700 sqft… however, the area mentioned in the sales contract says 50 sqm. So what is the real carpet and carpet surface I get (in Square foot). My question is: How much parcel is CIDCO gives farmers? Dear Sir, we remain built in a building of 12.5 gaonthans without tripartite agreement. Please tell us how to stay in the property, where we are not Hello, I am Prashant, residing in Koparkhairane, I have apartment in sect 19 under the Gaothan scheme, I took it on loan/mortgage from the private bank, first of all they did not apply for NOC from CIDCO, today when I try to transfer my credit, ask other banks for NOC ciDCO. How do I get CIDCO`s NOC, what is the procedure? can Builder help in this case? and what is the fees? You can stamp 10 rupees on a single sheet of paper and send the corresponding RTI to the relevant service and receive confirmation on the xerox. You can submit all RTI applications to CIDCO at their Belapur office (ground floor). RTI with NMMC can be submitted in its Belapur office. For the right format, you can search on Google. There are a lot of sites you run. CIDCO has given permission to lease an original license for 60yeras. Original license sold to Builder – Tripartite is ready.

The title is also clear. So my Qustion, if someone buys a Builder`s apartment, then something after 60 years. Is it on the buyer or CIDCO? If the tripartite agreement has not yet been concluded, what kind of agreement does there exist? If there is a development agreement, it is illegal if there is no CIDCO authorization for it. Legally speaking, if you paid the owner and his name is not anywhere in the CIDCO records for this property, then it is a fraud on the part of the owner. If it is a tripartite agreement, the owner is the “owner” of the land. Why does Gaonwala have to sign? He gave the owner the “ownership” of the country. The owner must sign the deed of lease. If he doesn`t, you can complain to CIDCO. You should have the certificate of occupancy with you. At the same time, you can start a promotion procedure as a promotion if the owner does not cooperate.

It takes 6-8 months to complete. Once you are considered a promotion in favor of the company, you can go and approach CIDCO for the act of leasing for the benefit of the company.