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Teamviewer End User License Agreement

In such cases, you can contact us via the commercial use form, describe the situation in which you use TeamViewer and provide us with your TeamViewer ID. If your use complies with our license terms, we will be happy to unlock the software for you. But I only have one question: we got the license that allows up to 3 simultaneous connections to our more than 150 end users if you need help. But these licenses are reserved for administrators/technicians, aren`t they? If so, do the more than 150 end users use a free license to run TeamViewer on their machines, or do we have to install the license on every computer we need to monitor with the program? For universities and schools, we offer education licenses. Yes – Simply activate the license on the TeamViewer accounts of administrators/supporters and end users/customers currently have an unlicensed version of TeamViewer. Existing customer, but haven`t you activated your customer portal yet? Click here to request the activation link. After activation, you have access to all options for upgrading your current license. – AnyDesk works well. I find the user interface quite strange in some ways. But on the other hand, it should be perfect for the situation in which you are helping friends and family. By default, the user is asked if each incoming connection should be allowed.

Existing customer and already activated your customer portal? Click here to simply update or change your current license. Generally speaking, only one page of a login requires a license. My question: How do I accept the teamviewer license agreement from/under konsole on first boot? Perhaps it is useful to provide a TeamViewer host in your organization in order to make it very easy to support your end users. . . .