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Non Solicitation Agreement En Espanol

A clause in some contracts, including service contracts and high-level employment contracts for executives, sets bonds without obligation. From time to time, it can also be called a “non-solicitation agreement.” In the first case, the aim is to prevent the client from offering a better-paying job to one or more workers directly involved in the provision of services, thereby causing serious harm to his employer. In the second case, the clause has a similar purpose when it comes to preventing the executive, at the end of the employment relationship that binds it to the company, from offering better employment to persons under its authority, or from persuading customers and/or large suppliers to leave them so that they may be taken care of in the future or provide services for their new business; In other words, it is a matter of preventing them from being “stolen” or “pirated.” A common clause in U.S. contracts is: “Non-Solicitation Bund. Management agrees that management should not, for one reason or another, request or contact a client or historical customer of the company during its employment in connection with this activity and for the first (1) year immediately after the termination of the employment contract, in order to induce or encourage a historical customer to cease or restrict any business relationship with the company. Management also agrees that management will not ask the company`s suppliers to restrict or terminate their activities with the company. Dear guest, thank you very much for the explanations. In fact, this clause is the “daily bread of us” in contracts with translation agencies here, but it is very interesting that it can be expressed in Spanish as a “non-aggression pact”. Greetings from Greenwood Village, Colorado! “The non-aggression pact. Management undertakes not to submit offers or contact a historical customer of the company during its activity under this contract and one year after their termination, for any reason, in order to induce them or try to cease or reduce their relationship with the company. In addition, management undertakes not to advise or advise a supplier of the company in an attempt to reduce or terminate its activities with the company. David, thank you for your comment.

There are many legal concepts in English that cannot be translated literally into Spanish, as they are thus meaningless; That is why I think it is necessary to extract one`s conceptual meaning and use in Spanish the words most likely to express this term, even if they do not correspond to those of English. Of course, translation doesn`t have to be literal to make sense in Spanish.