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Legal Implications Of Hire Purchase Agreement

In the tenancy agreement, the contract is essentially between two parties, namely.dem tenant and the lessor, and there is sometimes a third party`s participation which is the financier. 11. Hirer proposes to install the machines and equipment mentioned in ……. and undertakes not to withdraw them elsewhere without the company`s prior written consent. The tenant must not remove the badges attached to the machine in order to identify the property of the company during the period of hanging of this agreement. 1. The company undertakes to provide the tenant with the machinery and equipment described in the list, described in the rent, on the following terms and in accordance with this agreement, and to deliver them to the tenant. 9.1 The seller and/or the postman has the right to pass on information about the purchaser, contractual terms and the performance of the contract (including non-performance of the contract) to the following parties:9.1.1. the seller and/or the postman and his companies, employees and service providers, including businesses or individuals who provide collection services to the seller and/or postman;9.1.2.

Adviser or accountant to the seller and/or postman, Creditinfo Eesti AS and the Registrar of the Late Payment Register;9.1.3. factor creditors who provided financial resources for the financing of the contract;9.1.4. Contract guarantee agents (parties to the warranty agreement); 9.1.5. Persons to whom the seller and/or transfer factor The assignment of rights, obligations or receivables arising from the contract intends or intends to transfer the providers of supervisory services or similar services to the seller and/or postman;9.1.7. whose right to information stems from the legal acts in force of the Republic of Estonia. However, if the consumer has paid a third or more of the total rental costs, the owner cannot take back the goods without taking legal action.