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How Do I Accept The Latest Apple Developer Program License Agreement

If I sign in to my Dev account, I receive a banner that says, “The updated license agreement for the Apple Developer Program needs to be verified. To update your existing apps and submit new apps to the App Store, the account holder must verify and accept the updated agreement. » Sign in to your Apple development account It is important that when you receive an email from Apple reporting such an update, you quickly log in to the Apple Developer account, which is linked to your Mobile White Label Travefy app, and accept your updates. If I try to accept the license agreement for the Apple Developer Program, it takes a lot of time and there is no result. Yet, I am faced with the problem. Click the “Check Summary” button above, read and accept the updated license agreement The paid app calendar has been updated. To create new paid apps and in-app purchases and upload binaries to the App Store, the user with the “Legal” role must read and accept the paid app calendar (Appendix 2 of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement) in the “Agreements, Taxes, and Banking” module. When you complete these steps, you`ll make sure your users get the latest features of the app! Back to your App Store Connect, agreements, taxes, and banking To accept this agreement, the user must have already accepted the license agreement for Apple Developer Program at the Member Center with the Agent-Rolle team. Log in to your Apple developer account and accept the updated license agreement: And at the bottom, the “Msater” agreements are in effect and there are a few buttons like install, edit, view, and download links, but I can`t see an “I vote” button. I have this problem. The license agreement for the Apple Developer Program has been updated. To access certain membership resources, you must accept the latest license agreement. Apple regularly releases new Apple Developer Program license agreements that all customers must accept. By not accepting the latest agreement, optix is not pushing updates to your apps as white label, such as new features and troubleshooting.

To accept the latest agreement, please follow these steps: Go to and log in to your account. However, when I go to deals, taxes, and banking, I see both the free app deal and the paid app deal, but when I click on the view, there`s nothing I can accept. . . .