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Free Saas Agreement Template Australia

Second, you probably need a privacy policy. Privacy policies are used by organizations that act as processing managers to provide individuals with information about the processing of personal data. Even if you are a subcontractor with respect to much of your database`s personal data, you are probably a responsible user in some respects. For example, you would generally be responsible for personal data in your customer relationship management system. For more information, see our free privacy statement. The terms of the agreement are not a one-off solution and may require adjustment to reflect the specific trade agreements that apply to your SaaS offer. 16. Intellectual Property 16.1 Norbits Intellectual Property Rights (a) All titles, property rights and intellectual property rights, including copyrights relating to the application and/or software, are property or are used under Norbit`s license. b) Without Norbit`s express written permission, The customer undertakes not to allow anyone: (i) to modify, copy, reconstruct, decompilize, recompil, recompil, recompil, compile, expand, disrupt or interfere with any part of the software or to obtain, modify or use other source or object codes, architecture or algorithms related to the application and/or software or application or application; (ii) interact with a Norbit trademark (registered or unregistered) that could affect Norbit`s ownership and/or intellectual property rights; or (iii) copy or reproduce, reproduce or reproduce the application or/or software in some way, unless the reproduction is done automatically by the normal use of the application and/or software in accordance with this agreement; (iv) to integrate all or part of the application and/or software into other websites, websites, applications or other digital or non-digital formats for purposes other than marketing and/or training; (v) (subject to other rights expressly granted under this agreement): sale, license, sublicensing, leasing, leasing, distribution, disclosure, authorization of access or disclosure to third parties, whether lucrative or not, of part of the application and/or software on any medium; (vi) do anything that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties; or (vii) try to make one of the above.

16.2 The client`s intellectual property (a) Nothing in this agreement transfers ownership of the material submitted to Norbit. (b) The customer grants Norbit a non-exclusive and free license for the use of the material provided by the customer as part of the application. 16.3 Threats and measures If the customer is aware of a violation or threat of infringement of intellectual property rights, the customer must notify Norbit, in accordance with point 24.1, of complete information about the breach. Norbit may, at its sole discretion, take legal action against the offender. 16.4 Any assistance The client must execute all documents and do whatever is reasonably necessary to assist in the prosecution of Norbit`s actions under this clause.