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Coles Enterprise Agreement Case

“During the GFC, a number of people argued that corporate collective agreements give employers the flexibility not to have to lay off their workers, but to give them fewer hours, while always keeping them on the books and, therefore, keeping people in employment and businesses afloat,” said Senator Abetz. Ms Vickers told the Australian Financial Review that Fair Work`s decision last week to apply a three-month transitional period to the termination of the Dominos agreements confirmed that her decision to decide was the right choice. The Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association, which originally entered into the agreement with Coles, welcomed Ms. Vickers` decision to close her case. “To ensure that we have a strong and robust enterprise bargaining system that protects both employees, allows them to get pay rises in exchange for improved productivity, and that companies can constantly improve their competitiveness, is a very important part of our labour relations system.” The Fair Work Commission as a whole found that the 2014 agreement did not pass the “best overall test”. In this case, more than half of the labour force received less salary than the bonus. In addition, the FWC found that the value of ancillary penalties meant that some employees would not be “overall better placed” if information on the actual positions to be worked by some workers was provided, even though service boards such as these were not particularly common among the 78,000 employees to be covered. Since the alleged benefits do not outweigh these potential reductions, the ACCORD was not removed and could not be approved. “If the interpretation is to be that each person must be better placed in each agreement, I think we will see a potential risk in the whole business negotiation process,” she said. This means that the supermarket chain`s large workforce remains subject to the terms of employment negotiated under a 2011 agreement. More recently, the representative of the disgruntled Coles workers indicated that this group might attempt to terminate the 2011 agreement, as they would be better off under the retail bonus; while AMIEU is trying to negotiate a new specific agreement for the social workers it represents.