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Agreement For Manufacturing Services

The work rate includes all direct and indirect costs related to the manufacture, assembly and packaging of products. Jabil grants the Company only a worldwide, non-exclusive, fully remunerated, free and unpaid right and license under Jabil`s intellectual property rights to Jabil Background`s intellectual property only to the extent necessary for the Company to use, sell or market the product provided as part of the manufacturing services provided by Jabil under this Agreement; provided, however, that no licence is issued for manufacturing processes and/or improvements to manufacturing processes. Senior Quality Engineer, specifically assigned to the SolarEdge project, to oversee, analyze, manage and deliver results for SolarEdge QA. Relevant university degree, minimum 5 years of manufacturing experience in SMT, undulating and assembly lines, knowledge in supply and infrastructure iso 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, at least 5 years of experience as an EQ. · Any upgrade of the product revision is subject to the fees provided for in the specifications and the costs are subject to the written agreement of both parties. Upgrading the product is considered a paid RMA. The RMA for this type is considered a delivery, and Jabil calculates additional costs and not the entire cost of the product, and together with ExW`s Incoterm, SE is responsible for the delivery costs according to the standard product. Jabil thus transfers all right, title and interest of Jabil in the intellectual property created by Jabil and incorporated into the product, as provided as part of the manufacturing services, provided however that there is no assignment or license for manufacturing processes and/or improvements to the manufacturing process. The Company grants Jabil a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, fully paid-up, free and license to the intellectual property transferred by Jabil Created. · Both parties can install Hub on different sites.

To meet other hub requirements, Jabil must comply with the standard lifting process, each special request from SE is subject to additional fees upon agreement between the two parties. 1.3 “Construction Plan” or “Order”: a manufacturing plan that is provided in writing by the Company to Jabil and indicating the product to be manufactured, including the quantity of each product, its description and part number, shipping instructions and the requested delivery date. SolarEdge Operations and QA representatives will host QBR (Quarterly Business Review) meetings with order manufacturing management (operations and QA) for all standby meetings. The test rate includes all direct and indirect costs related to the tests (burn-in, functional tests, ICT) necessary for the proper manufacture, assembly and packaging of the products, as described in the SoW and its annexes. QA Manager – The management level of the contract manufacturing company The contract manufacturer provides CSI (Customer Satisfactory Index) to SolarEdge, which is evaluated according to the expectations of the services provided by the order manufacturer. 4.4 Items to be provided by the Company. The Company provides Jabil with company-specific information and technologies and, where applicable, company-supplied equipment, company-supplied components and unique components necessary for jabil to provide manufacturing services. The Company will also provide Jabil with all specifications, test procedures, packaging and shipping specifications, product drawings, list of authorized suppliers, descriptions of material components (including permitted substitutions), manufacturing process requirements and all other specifications necessary to provide Jabil`s manufacturing services.