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Agreement English To Khmer

Please include your company name, manufacturer registration number (if it is already registered with UNAKRT) and, if not your full contact information. This EOI is not an invitation; UNAKRT reserves the right to amend or cancel the requirement at any time. 3. Interested suppliers must meet the following criteria: at a mandatory quarterly roommate agreement meeting. d. experience in translating complex trial documents (such as motions, testimony, convictions, judgments, etc.) or legal documents of similar complexity (contracts. B, statutes, etc.), historical documents; and that is why I have established in the CONTRACT that your contributions 2. The duration of the commitment should be one (1) year, with the possibility of an extension (1). The number of pages required is currently estimated at about 6,000 pages per year. E. Compliance with the strictest confidentiality obligations. one. Offer quality professional translations of up to 70 to 90 pages during the first 12-month period and no less than 30 to 40 pages during the second twelve-month period per working day (Monday to Friday without UN holidays) depending on the operational needs of judicial bodies.

B. All translators must have at least four (4) years of professional experience. Academic conditions: bachelor`s or master`s degree in the field of foreign language, especially in English, or in the field of law or an equivalent degree. For translators in and out of the Khmer language: English translation experience; enkhmer and in English. A glimmer of hope. You can`t even go on a date without checking your AGREEMENT relationship. If you reply to this EOI, please fax or e-mail Mr. Charles Hill by fax: (0) 23 861 555 or e-mail: If this contract collapses, all social CONTRACT collapses. – The Golden Society? – You have never broken a contract. Drive me and you won`t need a contract anymore.

. 4. UNAKRT encourages local suppliers to offer for this contract. Oh my god. Yes, that`s right. There`s a flaw in the AGREEMENT relationship.